Simple Upgrades

    After spending time indoors during the colder months, it’s natural that many people are ready to redesign their interiors. The changing of seasons provides perfect inspiration to change things up in your home.
    Not sure where to begin or which way to go? Updating your window treatments is one way to transform your look. Check out these ideas that are trending in 2016.

    The simple beauty of neutral tones is incredibly popular right now. Neutrals are wonderful to work with simply because they are so versatile and allow a lot of room for individual creativity. If you decide to bring neutral drapes into your home, consider seaming different tones together. Seaming provides endless possibilities for color and pattern combinations.

Pops of Color
    While ‘neutral drapes’ may sound basic, boring and bland, adding a splash of color is a smart and stylish option. Just a little bit of color goes a long way and won’t overwhelm your décor.

    Notice the geometric print in the window treatment pictured. It plays off beautifully against the other elements in the room. Add a cushy sofa and inviting armchair and you’ve made this seating area irresistible.

Gold Accents
    Another trend that decorators love is the use of gold as an accent. Gold is showing up both in drapery and upholstery fabric, as well as hardware and lighting fixtures. Using gold is an excellent way to add a touch of elegance to your room.

Bold & Beautiful
    On the other end of the color spectrum, there are lots of innovative designs that are being done with bold colors and patterns. Many homeowners are choosing to make a vibrant statement in one key room or throughout their house. This gorgeous tangerine and coral print is a great example of how to do bold and beautiful well.

Caryn O’Sullivan, Owner
Drapery Street Design Boutique
Indiana Design Center, Suite 109