Stand Ups And Convex Lines

Remember those kitchen desks from the ‘80s? If you have one of those relics it’s undoubtedly a collector for the stuff you don’t know where to put. Surely the chair is long gone since your family tired of its blocking traffic.

    Enter the stand desk. There’s no chair to bang your knees on, it offers at least one charging/docking drawer, and because it’s taller than the rest of the counters, it offers a place to stand (or lean) while checking your email and looking up that recipe. Inside are multiple outlets and USB charging blocks to keep clutter off the counter. And if it happens to be an island, pop-up outlets are all the rage; they recess into the top when not in use. The stand desk in the background is six inches taller than the adjacent cabinets and is a most-used spot.

     How about those long islands that keep replacing our breakfast tables? They say lively conversation is the spice of life. We’re talking kitchens and bars, so if open floor plans are de rigueur, and guests gravitate to those spaces, why should it be so difficult to have a multi-person conversation while sitting? Eating islands, peninsulas, and bars (pictured) are in vogue for good reason: we spend most of our time socializing while we prep and cook. The challenge is that when seated in a row, one can usually only see the person to either side. The guest on the other side of your immediate neighbor is left out.

    Changing that straight line to convex has several effects, not the least of which is livelier conversation. The shape adds to the circumference, providing more personal space for all seated, while not intruding too much (often not more than eight inches); a gentle curve permits all guests to see each other with a nod of the head. Curves tend to soften objects, so a convex island adds a feeling of sensuality. And now that LED strip lighting is so easy to obtain, why not light below the counter? Toe kick lighting also adds a great night light.

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